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Meet the people who help make a reality.

Executive Editor, Ronald G. Ross

Ronald G. Ross serves as Executive Editor of and its flagship on-line publication, Business Rules Journal. He is a regular columnist for the Journal’s Commentary section which also features John Zachman and Chris Date. Mr. Ross was formerly Editor of the Data Base Newsletter from 1977 to 1998.


Mr. Ross serves as Co-Chair of the Business Rule Forum Conference. He was a charter member of the Business Rules Group in the 1980s, and was a co-editor of its watershed 2000 paper, “Organizing Business Plans: The Standard Model for Business Rule Motivation.” Mr. Ross is also the author of a half-dozen professional books, including two on business rules.


Mr. Ross is Co-Founder and Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC ( At BRS, Mr. Ross co-develops BRSolutions, its landmark business analysis methodology, which features numerous innovative business rule techniques including the popular RuleSpeak™. These are the latest offerings in a 25-year career that has consistently featured creative, business-driven solutions. For additional information about Mr. Ross, please visit his personal website at

Publisher, Gladys S.W. Lam

Gladys S.W. Lam is a Principal at and is a recognized expert IT project manager, consultant, and seminar leader. She has extensive experience in various business contacts, including BPR, strategic IT planning, and managing and implementing information systems. She works closely with companies in developing Business Rule solutions.

Ms. Lam has gained a reputation for fostering positive professional relationships with principal and support staff in projects. Her wide business and technical knowledge is invaluable in achieving consensus among project participants. She has also developed an impressive track record of completing projects on time and within budget. She is committed to achieving quality results within available resources.

Editor, Keri Anderson Healy

Keri Anderson Healy is a principal in The Automated Reasoning Corporation (ARCorp Inc.). She specializes in the practical application of modeling techniques and the development of architecture frameworks. Keri has over thirty years experience in developing shared data applications within an architected framework for both the private and public sectors.

Keri was a founding member and original chair of the Business Rules Group (BRG). She has served as technical editor on several major publications, including the original GUIDE white paper on Business Rules, the revision to the IEEE IDEF1X language standard (which updates the classic IDEF1X data modeling language to an object modeling language), the BRG's 'Business Motivation Model' paper, and, most recently, the 'Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules' (SBVR) now an OMG standard.

Technology Review Editor, John Hall

John Hall serves as the Business Rule Community's own Technology Review Editor. Mr. Hall is also a principal of Model Systems, a consulting company with offices in London, England and Seattle, WA. He has more than 30 years' IS experience, predominantly in database systems, architecture and methodology, and, more recently, in Web applications and e-commerce. He is a charter member of the Business Rules Group and co-chair of the European Business Rules Conference.


John can be reached by email

Webmaster, Steven C. Pesant

Steven C. Pesant is a Principal for WEBtech Productions, Inc. an IT consulting firm specializing in internet and business systems management. His leadership provides a solid foundation for active participation in various projects for SMBs in a variety of industries from entertainment, operations and fulfillment, print & electronic publishing, multimedia imaging, and travel & tourism.



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