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Welcome to Resources, your one-stop focal point for Business Rules. Inside Resources you'll find six key components with links to those that help make those technologies happen.


In examining business rules in technology, products, tools, and standards, we’ll discuss strengths and weaknesses.  We’ll map how the products and tool suites are evolving, and talk to the developers to see where they are taking their products for the future.  We’ll examine standards such as OCL (Object Constraint Language), which is part of the UML standard, and RCL (Rule & Constraint Language) which is part of the IEEE’s IDEFobject standard.


As the Business Rules marketplace continues to grow, an onslaught of new publications are being published. Our Publications Review section hosted by Old Owl (AKA. Michael Eulenberg) will highlight those publications that are worth taking a closer look at, plus provide in-depth reviews of many of those that are available through leading bookstores nationwide.


Everyone needs a little help from time to time and there's no better place to look for support services that here at As the Business Rule phenomenon grows at break-neck speed many practitioner's look for consulting services for expert insight.


Looking for information packed educational offerings and training programs for your Business Rules project? Take a closer look at the educational offerings from AttainingEdge



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