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BRJournal Features is your one stop resource center for insightful, unbiased editorial coverage on everything related to Business Rules. Our team of business rule experts are renowned for the strength in the fields of Data, Information, Business Rules, Enterprise Architecture, and Knowledge Management. 


Our BRJournal Features are conveniently split into six key segments for easy viewing. Updated on a regular basis, you'll find everything you need to know about business rules in the following four sections:


In-depth, behind-the-scenes editorial features covering the latest technology, trends, and practices used in the field of business rules.


Indepth insight focusing on technology used in the world of business rules. We regularly feature product reviews and real-world insight on the use of technology in the workplace.


Don't miss our monthly salute to yesteryear with our special monthly feature Oldie-But-Goodie. In each issue of the Business Rules Journal we'll present some great articles from our past that still hold strong and true today.

Interviews with the movers and shakers in the business rules fields. These first-person Q&A features pose key questions to practitioners who are helping shape the future of business rules.


Insight from 'ground zero.' takes you behind-the-scenes where business rules are being put to the test in real world case studies. is pleased to offer fundamental insight and theories on the business rule method. Presented by some of the leading practitioners, developers and implementation experts, we're positive that you will be these 'theories in practice' insightful.




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