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Welcome to the BRJournal's Timeless Perspectives section. This section provides thought-provoking and behind-the-scenes perspectives on timeless trends in Business Rules. The Timeless series includes the following features:



November 2004
The Business Rule Practitioner's Needs in "Building a 'Vocabulary plus Rules'"


February 2004

BRG Dispatches: The Complete Business Rules Manifesto


October 2002

BRG Dispatches: What's The Business In Business Rules?


August 2002

BRG Dispatches: We're On A Roll


June 2002

BRG Dispatches: Point / Counterpoint


April 2002

BRG Dispatches: Clearing The Decks


February 2002

BRG Dispatches: Rule: Is it a Primitive or a Composite?


December 2001

BRG Dispatches: "You talking to me?"


October 2001

BRG Dispatches: Organizing Business Concepts - What The Rest Of The World Says


August 2001

BRG Dispatches: OBC Progress Report


June 2001

BRG Dispatches: Business Rule Motivation


April 2001

BRG Dispatches: Organizing Business Concepts


August 2000

BRG Dispatches: Tactics, Strategies and Quality Words


June 2000

BRG Dispatches: Goals & Objectives / Strategies & Tactics


April 2000

Final Progress Report On The Motivation-Based Model



September 2003



May 2003

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Normalization without keys? Damn Straight!


March 2003

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Rules Are Made To Be Broken


January 2003

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Entity Class Discovery Do NOT Underline Nouns!


November 2002

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Worth 1,000 words? Ha!


September 2002

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Out with the Old ... Almost


July 2002

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Subtyping -- What's the Point?


May 2002

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: UML -- 95% Full or 5% Empty?


February 2002



December 2001

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It


August 2001

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: On Data Model Quality


April 2001



February 2001

CURMUDGEON'S CORNER: Concepts, Logic and the Zachman Framework




September 2007
The Corporate Glossary: Beginning of a Knowledge Base

July 2007
Why Bother to Capture Business Metadata?

May 2007
Words and Business Clarity

March 2007
Dictionaries and Business Rules

November 2006
Limitations of Wikis

September 2006
Knowledge and the Wisdom of Crowds

July 2006
More on Knowledge Capture

March 2006
Wikipedia, Knowledge Capture, and Business Rules

January 2006
Reflections on Knowledge Management and Business Rules

November 2005
SBVR and MDA: Architecture

October 2005

September 2005
Are System Requirements Business Rules?

August 2005
What kinds of Business Rules are there?

May 2005
Work Continues on OMG Business Rules Proposal

March 2005
A User's Perspective of the OMG Business Rules Proposal

February 2005
OMG Business Rules Proposal Nears Completion


January 2005

OMG-BRWG: OMG Business Modeling Pipeline


October 2004

OMG-BRWG: New Business Rules Initiatives from the OMG


August 2004

OMG-BRWG: New Business Rules Initiatives from the OMG


May 2004

OMG-BRWG: Initial OMB Business Rules Proposals Evolve


February 2004

OMG-BRWG: Initial OMG Business Rules Proposals Are In


December 2003

OMG-BRWG: OMG Issues Business Rules RFPs ~ An Update From Nashville


October 2003

OMG-BRWG: OMG Issues Business Rules RFPs


August 2003

OMG-BRWG: OMG Issues the Business Rules RFP


May 2003

OMG-BRWG: Business Rules Special Interest Group RFPs in Progress


April 2003

OMG-BRWG: Business Rules Special Interest Group Publishes RFP Roadmap


January 2003

OMG-BRWG: A Home for Business Models in the OMG


December 2002

OMG-BRWG: November Meeting Update


November 2002

Introducing the OMG Business Rules In Models Initiative


March 2010
Something Happened on the Way to the Forum: Did We Really Need a Rules Engine?

December 2007
Building a Dashboard for the Long Ride (Part 4)

October 2007
Building a Dashboard for the Long Ride (Part 3)

June 2007
Building a Dashboard for the Long Ride (Part 2)

April 2007
Building a Dashboard for the Long Ride (Part 1)

February 2007
Two Up

December 2006
Zen and the Art of Rules: Building Bridges

October 2006
Road Wave

August 2006
Kicking Tires About Terms

June 2006
Road Trip

April 2006
Center of Gravity

February 2006
Adding Chrome to An Enterprise

September 2005
Negotiating Corners
By Mark Myers

December 2004
The Motorcycle Approach to Enterprise Vocabulary
By Mark Myers


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