BRForum'06 Special Panel: Benchmarking Rules ~ Why and How

As Presented at the 2006 International Business Rules Forum

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James Owen, KBSC

Dr. Charles Forgy, Fair Isaac & PST OPSJ

Dr. Ernest Friedman-Hill, Sandia Labs, Jess

Mark Proctor, JBoss Rules

Dr. Pedram Abrari, Corticon


Benchmarking rules is like benchmarking any other software product; it can prove fruitful as a guide but you cannot depend on 'speed' benchmarks as the only guide. You can cheat some rulebase benchmarks -- others are more complex and more difficult. However, there are some tried and true benchmarks, some based on Rete, some based on DETE, and some based on Sequential rules. Five expert panelists joined James Owen at the 2006 Business Rules Forum conference to answer questions on the topics of traditional benchmarks, when to use and not to use benchmarks (and more).

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