SBVR v1.1 Approved by the OMG Architecture Board

Donald R.  Chapin
Donald R. Chapin co-chair, OMG Business Modelling and Integration Domain Task Force Read Author Bio || Read All Articles by Donald R. Chapin

A revision of the SBVR ("Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules") specification was approved by the Object Management Group's Architecture Board on March 22, 2013.  This is the first revision (v1.1) of the SBVR specification to be completed since it was first published in January 2008.

This revision focused on:  changing preferred terms where they didn't naturally communicate their definitions well; providing additional clarification for and consistency among a number of existing entries; defining some undefined terms that were being significantly misinterpreted; and fixing a few internal disconnects, conflations, and duplicate entries.  Version 1.1 also makes clear the difference between terms defined only for communication about vocabularies and rules, and those for which content can also be included in an SBVR Terminological Dictionary and/or Rulebook.

It is expected that SBVR v1.1 will be published for general public availability in about two months (after it completes the OMG publishing process).


When published, SBVR 1.1 will be available at

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Donald  R. Chapin
Donald R. Chapin co-chair, OMG Business Modelling and Integration Domain Task Force

Donald Chapin is co-chair of the OMG Business Modelling and Integration Domain Task Force. He led the team that developed the OMG's "Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules" (SBVR) specification, and is co-chair of its Revision Task Force. Donald is also the OMG's Liaison to ISO TC 37 (Terminology and other Language and Content Resources) and the ISO TC 37/SC 1/WG 5 SBVR project leader. He is a member of the British Standards Institute Terminology Technical Committee (TS/1) and a British delegate to ISO TC 37.

Donald has substantial experience in training and methodology development — starting in the late 1960s, when he first introduced decision tables into IBM's internal application development training, and continuing to his current practice, where he is developing and presenting workshops for application of SBVR. Currently he is working with a major manufacturing company and a UK government agency on federated business policies expressed in SBVR. Donald is a member of the Business Rules Group and contributed to the development of the Business Rules Manifesto.

Donald can be reached at

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