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General FAQs

FAQ #11
Question: Why is the Business Rule Manifesto called a Manifesto?

Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary defines "manifesto" as "a public declaration of intentions, motivations, or views: a public statement of policy or intention". That sense of "manifesto" exactly describes the purpose of its content.

FAQ #12
Question: What purpose do the names of the ten Articles serve?

The name of an Article summarizes or clarifies the collective meaning or intent of the principles grouped underneath it. Note that the name of each Article follows a "this, not that" format, which intentionally serves to clarify what business rules are, and are not.

FAQ #13
Question: Does the order in which the Manifesto list the various principles indicate or suggest anything about relative importance?

No. Generally, however, more basic principles appear first.

FAQ #14
Question: Does the Manifesto apply to non-profit organizations as well as for-profit businesses?

Yes. Business rules appear in any kind of body chartered with authority to command some degree of obedience, including non-profits and government bodies.

FAQ #15
Question: Is there significance in the use of "rule" rather than "business rule" in some principles of the Manifesto?

No. As the name indicates, the Business Rule Manifesto is all about business rules.


[1] The Manifesto is free, only 2 pages long, translated into 15 languages. Have a quick look (or re-look!). No sign up required. Well worth your time.

FAQs #11-14
General FAQs



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