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Journal Submissions

The Journal encourages qualified professionals to submit original articles or product reviews for possible publication. All accepted material is subject to editing.



Articles submitted to the Journal should focus on a timely issue or solution relating to topic of interest to the Business Rules community.  Articles should not be product or vendor specific, unless such reference is relevant to a user experience.  Case studies are especially desirable.


Article Guidelines


  1. If you are not sure that your article's topic is appropriate for the Journal, you may submit an abstract.  After we review the abstract, we will contact you if we would like to see the complete article.  However, we will not make final publication decisions without having a complete article to review.


  1. An article may be submitted via mail, fax, or e-mail.  If your article is selected for publication, we will need your copy in electronic form (sent via email or on diskette) in one of the following formats:

  • as a Microsoft Word document,

  • as an .RTF file, or

  • as a plain text (ASCII) file.


  1. We encourage the use of illustrations in the articles we publish. Tables may be provided in-line (as part of the document), but artwork used as figures should be provided as individual files (in .GIF or .JPG format) with Figure references in the article body. For online presentation, please ensure that your artwork is does not exceed 450 pixels in width.  If it is necessary for us to recreate your artwork, we will make every effort to keep the drawings as similar to your originals as possible. If you have any questions about graphic file format requirements, you are strongly urged to contact us prior to creating your artwork.


  1. Along with your submission, you should supply a brief (three or four sentence) abstract, suitable for inclusion in our article index, and your short (one or two paragraph) biography. If you would like readers to contact you directly, please include your email address and/or website's URL.


  1. When your article is selected for publication, we will need a photo.  Your color photo is preferred, but a black-and-white photo is acceptable. If you have a photo in digital format (as a .JPG file) you can sent it to us via email. If you have only a hardcopy print, please mail it to us and we will scan the image. If you wish the print returned to you, please enclose an appropriate, postage-paid return envelope.


6.     Suggested article length is between 1600 and 4000 words, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Articles that exceed this guideline may be submitted. Longer articles may be serialized, at the discretion of the editors.

Product Reviews

Reviews on products (tools, books, etc.) may be submitted to the Journal providing the review reports the author's personal experiences with a product that falls under one of the Journal's major topic areas:

  • Data

  • Information

  • Business Rules

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Knowledge Management

Reviews should reflect both positive and negative aspects of the product, from the perspective of the user's own experience.


Editorial Contacts

Publisher, Gladys S.W. Lam
Email: [javascript protected email address]

Executive Editor, Ronald G. Ross
Email: [javascript protected email address]

Editor, Keri Anderson Healy
Email: [javascript protected email address]


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