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SBVR 1.0 was officially released in December 2007. Core members of the SBVR team commented on this landmark event in our March 2008 special issue of the Business Rules Journal. Find their far-reaching commentary here.

The Emergence of SBVR and the True Meaning of "Semantics" Why You Should Care (a Lot!) ~ Part 1
By Ronald G. Ross

SBVR: What Are the Possibilities?
By Don Baisley

SBVR: The ABCs of Accurate Business Communication
By Jan Vanthienen

SBVR: Foundation Vocabularies
By Mark Linehan

SBVR: Observations from Initial Experiences
By Drs. Silvie Spreeuwenberg

Practical Experience with the First Fully-Integrated Bachelor Programme Based on the Knowledge Standard SBVR
Special Guest Column by Huub Gillissen and Harry Habets

SBVR: What is Now Possible and Why?
By Donald Chapin

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