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JBoss® Enterprise BRMS from Red Hat  

Red Hat

JBoss® Enterprise BRMS from Red Hat is a comprehensive business automation platform that combines business rules management, business process management, and complex event processing into a single standards-based open source distribution.

With a choice of modeling tools, including a web-based authoring environment for business experts and an Eclipse plugin for developers, project stakeholders can collaborate effectively to build sophisticated and agile business solutions. Processes, rules and events can be modeled together, without the need to learn multiple tools or develop custom integrations between disparate runtime environments.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS benefits from the many innovative developers worldwide who contribute their work to the open source community, including those from the Drools and jBPM JBoss Community projects. Red Hat delivers award-winning enterprise grade support, platform certifications, patches and updates, so that organizations can confidently deploy open source solutions in critical production environments at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives.




RuleXpress™ is a software tool aimed toward the business-level capture, analysis and management of business rules, including the terms and facts that support them. RuleXpress provides business-people capabilities for business rules to capture, express, validate, and manage your rules. RuleXpress can help get the right rules ... And get them right. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the tool, go to


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