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Ralph   Nijpels
Ralph Nijpels Business Analyst, Air France - KLM. Read Author Bio

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About Ralph Nijpels:

Ralph   Nijpels
Ralph Nijpels Business Analyst, Air France - KLM.

After having worked as a Lead Software Engineer for a large software company for 10 years and Product Controller for a niche software company for 3 years, Ralph Nijpels is now Business Analyst for the Cargo Business of the largest Airline in Europe: Air France - KLM.

Within the Cargo Business, Ralph specializes in the Commercial Processes, which includes pricing, capacity control, order taking, invoicing, and accounting. He has had both the Requirements Analyst and Implementation Manager roles in defining and implementing custom-made software for KLM Cargo in the last 5 years.

He introduced the combination of business process modelling, fact based data modelling, and business rule management as a basis for requirements analysis within KLM Cargo.

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