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Mark   Norton
Mark Norton Co-Founder, Idiom Ltd. Read Author Bio

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About Mark Norton:

Mark   Norton
Mark Norton Co-Founder, Idiom Ltd.

Mark has 35 years history in software development, primarily with enterprise scale systems. During the 1980s Mark was actively involved in the development and use of data- and model-driven development approaches that later achieved widespread use. Application of these approaches to the development of an Insurance system for one of the world's largest insurers was formally reviewed in 1993 by the University of Auckland who concluded that "this level of productivity changes the economics of application development."

In 2001 Mark led a small group of private investors to establish Idiom Ltd. He has since guided the development program for the Idiom decisioning products toward even more remarkable changes in "the economics of application development." He has had the opportunity to apply Idiom's "decision oriented" tools and approach to projects in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australasia for the benefit of customers in such diverse domains as superannuation, insurance, health, government, telecoms, and logistics.

Mark can be contacted at or +64 21 434669.