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Qusia   Sarraf
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Qusia   Sarraf
Qusia Sarraf CEO, IVIS Group

Qusai Sarraf, CEO of IVIS Group, is an entrepreneur passionate about identifying and growing e-business opportunities. His background, spanning 20 years in IT, combines e-business strategic consulting, early e-commerce architecture development and designing business-focused solutions. Qusai was one of the seven members of the team that built in 1996 and he continues his role in steering the strategic direction of a number of high profile projects.

Qusai started IVIS Group in1994 and organically grew the business based on a professional services model. In 2000 he started a product development venture to further expand the business which has culminated in developing Sonetto, a world-leading business rules based PIM solution. Today, IVIS Group is a 40 person strong company with

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