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Business Rules Community (www.BRCommunity.com) is a non-commercial community for professionals. BRCommunity provides articles, commentary, and a variety of other free resources.

BRCommunity is sponsored by Business Rule Solutions, LLC (BRS). BRS established BRCommunity.com, and its flagship on-line publication, the Business Rules Journal, in 2000. The Journal appears there free-of-charge.

BRCommunity.com is much more than simply an on-line publication. With the help of world-renown columnists and world-wide contributors, it is the place to be for business rules and all things related!

The Business Rules Journal (ISSN: 1538-6325) is the monthly publication of the Business Rules Community. Registered BRCommunity.com members will receive the monthly Journal free of charge via email.


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Gladys S.W. Lam


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Ronald G. Ross

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Keri Anderson Healy


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Steven C. Pesant

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