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Vanessa  Lam
The Data Organization Spectrum
Vanessa  Lam
What's your Data Culture Plan for 2023?
Vanessa  Lam
Announcing the BRSdata Capability Map™
Vanessa  Lam
Current State Analysis: Data Culture
Vanessa  Lam
Current State Analysis: Data Freshness
Vanessa  Lam
Current State Analysis: Data Quality
Vanessa  Lam
Understanding Data in Your Organization
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In The Spotlight
 Silvie  Spreeuwenberg
 John A. Zachman
The Issue Is THE ENTERPRISE By John A. Zachman Jan. 2017 | Vol. 18, Iss. 1
The BRSolutions Professional Training Suite

BRSolutions Professional Training Suite

All About Concepts, Policies, Rules, Decisions & Requirements
We want to share some insights with you that will positively rock your world. They will absolutely change the way you think and go about your work. We would like to give you high-leverage opportunities to add value to your initiatives, and give you innovative new techniques for developing great business solutions.