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Vanessa   Lam
Vanessa Lam Director, BRSdata Read Author Bio

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Vanessa  Lam
How to Improve Data Related Processes
Vanessa  Lam
What Can You Do for Data?
Vanessa  Lam
The Data Organization Spectrum
Vanessa  Lam
What's your Data Culture Plan for 2023?
Vanessa  Lam
Announcing the BRSdata Capability Map™
Vanessa  Lam
Current State Analysis: Data Culture
Vanessa  Lam
Current State Analysis: Data Freshness
Vanessa  Lam
Current State Analysis: Data Quality
Vanessa  Lam
Understanding Data in Your Organization

About Vanessa Lam:

Vanessa   Lam
Vanessa Lam Director, BRSdata

As Director of BRSdata, Vanessa Lam created a division within Business Rule Solutions (BRS) to focus on data culture, data accountability, and business intelligence.

Vanessa specializes in building data-driven organizations where operations and leadership understand and trust the data, treat data as a resource, and use data to make day-to-day and strategic decisions.

Previously, she worked at Mastercard as a Manager of Business Insight and Productivity and Optoro as a Manager of Business Intelligence. In these roles, she created educational tools for the organization, fostered data communities, and ensured people used data responsibly.

Ms. Lam's popular articles on data quality and data culture are published regularly in the Business Rules Journal and TDAN (The Data Administration Newsletter). She is a frequent speaker at Enterprise Data World, Building Business Capability Conference, Tableau User Group, and Predictive Analytics World.

She has a Masters of Computer and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania and a BSc in Economics from the Wharton School. She was recently named a top influencer to watch in 2021 by IIBA. You can follow her at @Big_On_Data on Twitter.

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