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A Layered Model Approach for Decision Rule Management: A Guidance in Translating Legal Rules into an Executable Model
The Distilled Principles of Rules as Code (RaC): How to Produce Better Rules
Developing and Adopting a Common Language: What's Required from an Organizational Perspective
The Business Case for a Common Language: Not "If," but "What and When?"
Applying Euler Diagrams and Venn Diagrams to Concept Modeling
The Data-Centric Revolution: An Interview with Dave McComb
The Business Agility Manifesto — The Authors Speak Out Q&A with Roger T. Burlton, Ronald G. Ross, & John A. Zachman
Building Business Capability 2016: An Opinion of Gurus — Leading Business Excellence
Building Business Capability 2015: An Opinion of Gurus: In Pursuit of Business Excellence
Building Business Capability 2014 Decisioning Panel: Decisions from the Business Perspective
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