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Dagmar   Cole
Dagmar Cole Business Analyst / Project Manager, Read Author Bio

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Dagmar  Cole
Is an Exception a Business Rule?
Dagmar  Cole
Is This Statement a Business Rule?
Dagmar  Cole
A Ruined Dinner and Definitions
Dagmar  Cole
Dealing with Difficult Decisions
Dagmar  Cole
Decision Tables: Not Just for Decisions
Dagmar  Cole
Math Matters!
Dagmar  Cole
Observations from the Crow's Nest

About Dagmar Cole:

Dagmar   Cole
Dagmar Cole Business Analyst / Project Manager,

Dagmar Cole has over twenty years of experience working in all facets of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Her interest in applying quantitative management techniques to software began at George Mason University. While majoring in Decision Science, she published a paper on Software Quality Assurance. Later, she published her master's thesis in strategic information systems planning at Marymount University.

As a business analyst and project manager, Dagmar continues her quest to apply quantitative techniques to the SDLC. She is an active member of the Fort Worth Chapter of IIBA and was a speaker at the IIBA BBC 2015 conference. She also has extensive training in conflict resolution and is returning to the IIBA BBC conference in 2016 to discuss conflict resolution.

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