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Bas   van der Raadt
Bas van der Raadt Owner, Clear Advisory and Founder, Read Author Bio

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Bas  van der Raadt
Can't We Do Better Than This?

About Bas van der Raadt:

Bas   van der Raadt
Bas van der Raadt Owner, Clear Advisory and Founder,

Bas is a seasoned Enterprise Architect with almost 20 years of experience under his belt. He combines sound theoretical knowledge with down-to-earth pragmatism. He speaks both the language of the business and of technology, often acting as interpreter and bridge builder between those two worlds. Next to being a long-time (independent) consultant/advisor, Bas also has experience as Lead Enterprise Architect and Manager of architecture teams at Royal Schiphol Airport and ABN AMRO.

Bas has many interests but is especially interested in business rule execution in combination with natural language specification. From practical experience he has learned how powerful connecting business language with technical implementations can be. This experience triggered his personal quest to directly link these two worlds so that people can write applications in their own language. His ultimate goal is to drastically decrease the many communication gaps that traditionally exist in complex enterprise landscapes in order to transform them into simpler, more transparent environments.

Bas holds a Master of Science degree in Business Information Science from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and a PhD in Enterprise Architecture, also from the Vrije Universiteit.

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