Should We Measure How Smart Processes Really Are?

Jim   Sinur
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I think we need to come up with quantifiable or qualifiable measures for how smart processes really are, but I'm not quite sure on the timing.  We are moving into the "Era of Smart Processes," but it's not clear how fast we are headed there.  I think it would be good to get out in front of the trend and establish some good water marks for intelligence. 

While it might sound like I am suggesting we solve perpetual motion here, I think a good place to start is how we measure people:

We measure people's raw intelligence with IQ (intelligent quotient), so we should be able to come up with something on the IQ of a process.  This would correlate to the ability of a process to sense patterns, analyze, and act on them.

We measure people's ability to get along with EQ (emotional quotient aka emotional intelligence), so we should be able to come up with something that measures relationship behavior.  This would correlate to social interaction ability of a process.

We can also measure how well people accept and embrace change.  There are various mechanisms for measuring the ability to change, so we should be able to come up with something that measures agility.  This would correlate to the flexibility a process would exhibit.

We can also measure levels of freedom we give people to attain business outcomes on their own without micro management, so we should be able to come up with something that measures delegation levels.  This would correlate to the process's/process snippet's autonomy to act on its own in seeking single or complex goals.

These four areas basically correlate to the ISAA Framework [Intelligent, Social, Agile, Autonomous] that I pointed out last time in "How Smart Is your Business? Only as Smart as Your Processes."

Net; Net

We will do ourselves a level of dis-service by not trying to establish individual or composite measures of intelligence (smartness) for processes in this emerging era of smarter processes, even if only for measuring changes from year to year, or from implementation version to implementation version.  Do you agree?

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Jim   Sinur
Jim Sinur VP and Research Fellow, Aragon Research

Jim Sinur is an independent consultant and thought leader in applying business process management (BPM) to innovative and intelligent business operations (IBO). His research and areas of personal experience focus on business process innovation, business modeling, business process management technology (BPMT), processes collaboration for knowledge workers, process intelligence/optimization, business policy/rule management (BRMS), and leveraging business applications in processes. Mr. Sinur was critical in creating the first Hype Cycle and Maturity Model, which have become a hallmark of Gartner analysis, along with the Magic Quadrant. He has been active in the rules, data and computing communities, helping shape direction based on practical experience. Mr. Sinur has vertical industry experience on the investment and operational sides of the insurance and financial services.

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