Charles Babbage

David C.  Hay
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David C. Hay , "Charles Babbage" Business Rules Journal Vol. 3, No. 2, (Feb. 2002)

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David  C. Hay
David C. Hay President, Essential Strategies, Inc.

A veteran of the Information Industry since the days of punched cards, paper tape, and teletype machines, David C. Hay has been producing data models to support strategic information planning and requirements planning since the mid-1980's.

He has worked in a variety of industries, including, among others, power generation, clinical pharmaceutical research, oil refining, forestry, and broadcast. He is President of Essential Strategies, Inc., a consulting firm dedicated to helping clients define corporate information architecture, identity requirements, and plan strategies for the implementation of new systems. He is the author of the book Data Model Patterns: Conventions Of Thought, recently published by Dorset House.

He can be reached at,, or (713) 464-8316.

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Charles Babbage
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