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In the decades since Business Rules first emerged as a specialization, there's never been an actual award — or, in fact, any formal recognition — for those who have demonstrated excellence in the successful application of business rules.  Meanwhile, the field has matured.

In the production of the Business Rules Journal over the years, we have heard a great many success stories engineered by dedicated professionals whose labors go largely unrecognized beyond their own organizations.  Too often these efforts are never publicized, meaning that others are not inspired to take next steps. 

But in 2018 this is changing, with the First Annual Business Rules Excellence Awards — the ideal way to be recognized by the BR industry worldwide. 

To help people learn and apply best practices within their own organizations, practitioners, service providers, and consultants are being invited to share their successful case studies.  Do you have an interesting business rules project or initiative?  If so, this is the ideal way to publicly acknowledge and recognize the efforts of your team and to inject passion into your projects.

Evaluation Basis for Business Rules Excellence Awards

Nominations will be judged on excellence demonstrated in the following areas.


See the full details online at http://br-excellenceawards.org/BREA_Criteria.html

Submit your project for the opportunity to win a prestigious award and publication in an upcoming book on business rules, to be produced within 12 months following the Awards Ceremony.  The deadline for abstracts is May 18th.

Business Rules Awards Live Gala Ceremony

The announcement of winners will take place in conjunction with Building Business Capability, November 5-9, 2018, at JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, TX.

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