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Kathleen   Barret
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Kathleen   Barret
Kathleen Barret ,

In June of 2009, Kathleen Barret became International Institute of Business Analysis's full-time President and CEO, after having held the role as a volunteer since the organization's inception in October 2003. IIBA, a professional association for Business Analysts, focuses on defining and enhancing the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) and on implementing a certification program for qualified practitioners.

With over 25 years of experience in information technology, Kathleen has held many roles, including (most recently) managing the offshore software development work for a large financial services organization. Her involvement in the field of business analysis began when she was asked to create a centre of competency for BAs for her company in 2002. That work lead her to create — along with 23 other individuals — IIBA. Kathleen is experienced in CMMI and benchmarking and, through her many years of consulting, brings cross-industry knowledge to her role at IIBA. Kathleen received her degree in International Economics from Georgetown University

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