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Pierre   Berlandier
Pierre Berlandier Principal Consultant, ILOG, Inc. Read Author Bio

About Pierre Berlandier:

Pierre   Berlandier
Pierre Berlandier Principal Consultant, ILOG, Inc.

Pierre Berlandier is a Principal Consultant at ILOG, Inc., a leader in Business Rules Management Systems. During his 10 years as a consultant at ILOG, he has designed and developed numerous rules based applications, using the different historical flavors of the rules paradigm. This includes, in chronological order, expert systems for configuration and design of manufactured artifacts, real time intelligent agents for the telecommunication industry, and, of course, business rules applications for the insurance, financial, and mortgage industry.

Pierre holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Nice/Sophia Antipolis in which he studied the integration of rule and constraint-based programming models in intelligent knowledge-based applications. He can be reached at

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