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Casper   Fall
Casper Fall Technical Specialist, ELCA Read Author Bio

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Casper   Fall
Casper Fall Technical Specialist, ELCA

Caspar Fall is a specialist in the early phases of technology projects at ELCA, a leading Swiss IT solutions provider serving customers throughout Europe ( Since 2002, he has often been responsible at ELCA for drafting tenders in response to requests for proposals, for technology evaluations of competing products, for project specifications, and for rapid prototyping. He has also developed competences in business rules engines and automatic document categorization, about which he has given both internal and external seminars. During several projects related to intellectual property management, Caspar has acquired business experience related to patents, trademarks management, and electronic document management. Prior to joining ELCA, Caspar spent eight years doing research in computational physics, using several of the most powerful parallel supercomputers of the time. He is the author of numerous scientific articles published in international research journals and has made presentations at several conferences. Contact details:, email:, telephone: +41-21-6132111, fax: +41-21-6132100.

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