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Nelson   Lin
Nelson Lin Software Developer, Robocoder Read Author Bio

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About Nelson Lin:

Nelson   Lin
Nelson Lin Software Developer, Robocoder

Nelson Lin has been developing enterprise software solutions for more than fifteen years and was winner/finalist of three awards from Microsoft, including the most prestigious "Best ISV application world-wide" award. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with both an MBA and B.Sc.Computer Science degrees. He is also one of the first few professionals who had achieved both Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer qualifications. He is well trained in Microsoft Solution Framework and had been invited to lecture project management professionals.

In the mid-90’s, he was the pioneer in combining rule-based credit scoring and message queuing with on-line credit bureau integration to provide on-line end-to-end fully automated consumer term lending systems. He has design and programming experience in all three computing paradigms – Host Based computing e.g COBOL/RPG, Client-Server computing e.g. PowerBuilder/VB, Web based computing e.g. Java/C#.

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