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Casper   Yeow
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About Casper Yeow:

Casper   Yeow
Casper Yeow Business Analysis Specialist, AREABA

Casper has 13 years of experience in the information management industry, with 11 of those years as a Business Analyst. He is passionate about business analysis and is particularly passionate about ‘spreading the word’ in Australia and in Asia about the business rules approach, with aspirations to be a thought leader in the area. His presentation "Pre-cooking using the Business Rules Approach" — together with his colleague and friend Alex Gunjko, at the Building Business Capability conference (BBC) in Sydney 2012 — was well received.

Casper is one of the three co-founders of a specialist Business Analysis company, AREABA. He has since returned to independent contracting, with the intention of using the time he saves from not having to run a business to help his wife, Teena, to bring up their four young children and to write content for a business analysis course centred around the business rules approach.

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