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John P.  Zachman
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About John P. Zachman:

John  P. Zachman
John P. Zachman CEO, Zachman International

John P. Zachman is the CEO of Zachman International®, Inc., an organization dedicated to the research and advancement of the state of the art in Enterprise Architecture principally based on the Framework for Enterprise Architecture - The Zachman Framework. As son of Zachman Framework originator, John A. Zachman, John has worked closely with his father in the management of Zachman International for nearly a decade. In addition to the operation of Zachman International and the FEAC® Institute (FEAC), John is the President of the Zachman Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to leveraging Zachman International's vast network of professionals and resources to offer services to small businesses and non-profit organizations as they prepare for and experience growth. John can be contacted at

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