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Allan   Kolber
Allan Kolber Enterprise Architecture Guru, Read Author Bio

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Allan  Kolber
Motivation at Zachman Row 1
Allan  Kolber
Business Rule Motivation

About Allan Kolber:

Allan   Kolber
Allan Kolber Enterprise Architecture Guru,

With 30 years of experience, Allan Kolber is an authority on Enterprise Architecture and the Zachman Framework, Enterprise Modeling, Business Rules, Data Warehousing, Data Quality Improvement, and the Business Motivation Model.

Starting as a research scientist and biostatistician, he became Manager of Data Processing for the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center. There he was responsible for the total implementation of office automation, data acquisition, data analysis, and the development of advanced computing capabilities, such as 3-D surgical simulation and image analysis. He also designed the national Muscular Dystrophy database. Becoming a consultant, he became an expert in data administration and DB2 database administration. He led the design and development of the repository and the metadata environment used by the Defense Logistics Service Center. He has done many Situation Analyses, Structured Assessments, Project Audits, Design Reviews, Data Warehouses, and architecture-related engagements.

He has been very active in the standards world. From 1987 to 1997, he was the Project Manager or Staff Member for several key projects at GUIDE, including DA Requirements for Repository, the Repository Data Model, the AD/Cycle Information Model Comparison, Data Modeling Extensions, and Business Rules. The Business Rules Project produced Defining Business Rules ~ What Are They Really?, the first GUIDE paper published on the Internet. He became one of the founding members of the Business Rules Group, which over the last ten years developed and published the Business Rules Manifesto, Semantics for Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR), and The Business Motivation Model ~ Business Governance in a Volatile World (BMM). Allan has been working on the BRG effort in the OMG to develop and adopt both SBVR and BMM as standards and as the basis for business modeling.

Allan has spoken on many topics over the years, in particular focusing on the Zachman Framework and metadata related topics. He has recently focused on the Business Motivation Model and its applications.

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